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Overview of Environmental Management

LOTTE GRS is striving to consistently manage environmental management system and to minimize environmental influences for customers, environment and the future.

Compliance to
Environmental Laws
And Regulations
Create Eco-friendly
Corporate Culture
Environment Management Recycling
Build Eco-friendly
Products and Stores

5 Health Promises of LOTTE GRS

  1. 01
    Future of Our Food
    We use only the fresh and nutritious premium ingredients for the safe future of our cusomers eating safe and trustable food.
  2. 02
    Future of Our Customers
    We provide the best products, best services and premium interior design by putting customer needs on top for happy smile of our customers.
  3. 03
    Future of Our Environment
    We are running environmental management such as autonomous agreement to reduce the use of disposable products as part of our efforts to protect the earth.
  4. 04
    Future of Our Society
    We are raising monthly funds from campaign for better world to help neighbors experiencing hardships by sponsoring social welfare facilities.
  5. 05
    Future of Our Authentic Restaurant Industry
    We are developing Korean style products such as Hanwoo burger and rice burger and making new attempts for the future of restaurant culture in Korea as the leading company of authentic franchises.

Environmental Management Campaigns

In thinking of the product quality and the environment, LOTTE GRS is practicing small movements to protect the earth through environmental campaigns such as environmental camps, autonomous agreement to reduce the use of disposable goods and eco-friendly eco-bags.

  • Environmental
    Environmental campaign in
    wish of hope to keep the
    livelihood beautiful
  • Autonomous Agreement to Reduce the Use of Disposable Goods
    Campaign delivering recycled
    plastic cups to recyclers
  • Eco-friendly
    Global environmental campaign in which
    we give eco-friendly products such as eco-bags

Environmental Certifications

LOTTE GRS, starting from “acquiring international certifications ISO 9001 for the first in the domestic restaurant industry, is making efforts by establishing the environmental management system and reinforcing quality management diagnosis. We will continue our efforts to become a trustable company through improvements and considerations.

  1. Quality Management System Certification (ISO 9001) ISO9001 인증 획득 사진 Year of initial acquisition: 2003
    • Improve customer satisfaction from quality satisfaction
    • Reinforce competitiveness to secure customers by improving customer and corporate image
    • Set up solid quality assurance system and maintain improved competitiveness
  • ISO 9001 - An international standard on requirements of quality management system applicable to all industries and activities which certifies that the product or service implementation system satisfies and validly operates the regulated requirements

Quality Assurange (HACCP)

LOTTE GRS analyzes the elements that are potentially harmful to human body in all steps from food ingredients to manufacturing, processing, distributing and consumption by introducing the preventive hygiene management system HACCP that assures safe production of food, and provides the preventive measures for each harmful factor to systematically secure quality food while securing safety and health of products. In order to safely produce food, we set up and manage plans, documentize all procedures and implement standardization of food hygiene by methodologically applying proper science and technology and simplifying the application.

  • HA Hazard Analysis
    Biological, chemical and physical
    hazard analysis for pathogenic
    microorganisms that can occur from ingredients and processes
  • CCP Critical Control Point
    Intensive management of processes
    or steps that can prevent, remove or
    reduce harmful factors to
    permissible level
  • HACCP 식품 의약품 안전청
    위해요소 중점관리 우수식품
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