Master Franchise Opportunity

Brand Introduction

Brand Story


LOTTERIA started its business in 1979 as the 1st Quick Service Restaurant in South Korea. Today as the pioneers and leaders of the
domestic food industry we are expanding our business worldwide through ceaseless business innovation, aggressive investment and
new product development to satisfy the tastes of Asians.
Under our motto ‘Delicious moment’ we are constantly developing new menus and our store designs to fulfill the quickly changing trends
and demands of our customers. Now, LOTTERIA is transforming from a fast food restaurant to a café-type restaurant to once again lead
the business as a new image of the Quick Service Restaurant(QSR).

  • 01 Delicious moment
    • Menu Diversity
    • Signature Bulgogi / Shrimp Burger
  • 02 Store Design
    • Cozy and Comfortable
    • Trendy and Sophisticated
  • 03 Localization
    • Menu Flexibility
    • Local dish development
    • Menu ‘Fit for Asians’
  • 04 Marketing
    • Various Marketing channels(ATL/BTL)
    • Korea NO.1 brand(Korean Wave)
  • 05 Training Program
    • Up-to-date facility(Talent Development Team)
    • Systemized Training program
  • 06 CSR
    • Community support
    • Charity programs


Leading the growth of the domestic espresso coffee market and coffee culture, ANGELINUS Coffee uses only the best selected coffee
beans. After its launching in 2000, the brand has grown continually ever since. Striving to provide the best quality coffee and rich taste,
ANGELINUS Coffee seeks to deliver top products and services to our customers through systemized quality control, distribution, and
store management.

  • 01 Quality
    • Top-quality fresh coffee beans
    • Six-Stage Automated Roasting System
  • 02 Experts
    • Coffee loving and passionate experts
    • Certified Baristas and Q-graders
  • 03 Cafe & Dining
    • Wide selection of beverages
    • Various food / bakery menus
  • 04 Store Design
    • Modern and cozy atmosphere
    • Smart system stores
  • 05 bakery café
    • Bakery specialty store
  • 06 Perfection
    • Official members of SCA, ACE
    • Brand Award Winner
Business Process
  • STEP 01 Initial Contact
    • Online(Website)
  • STEP 02 Assessment
    • Company Profile
    • Financial status
    • Business Categories
    • F&B experience
  • STEP 03 Market Research
    • Market visit
    • Market Research
  • STEP 04 NDA
    • Basic conditions
  • STEP 05 Business Planning
    • Business Evaluation
      - Feasibility
  • STEP 06 Term Sheet(MOU)
    • Mutual Agreement of
      basic terms
  • STEP 07 MF Agreement
    • Development/Franchise Agreement
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