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We will strive to become a South Korean leading restaurant company that is even more trusted by customers and society

To our esteemed customers who cherish and love LOTTEGRS, and to all stakeholders, we express our gratitude.

As a global comprehensive foodservice company, LOTTEGRS continuously endeavors to create delightful experiences for our customers.

Since the opening of LOTTERIA's Sogong-dong branch, the first hamburger franchise in Korea, in 1979, we have been pioneering the development of the Korean foodservice industry by fostering a corporate spirit dedicated to customer satisfaction and creating a new food culture.

Building upon the success of LOTTERIA, we have successfully launched various domestic and international foodservice brands such as ANGELINUS Coffee, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and PLE:EATING.

Leveraging our extensive franchise experience, we have expanded our operations to include concession businesses.

In pursuit of becoming a global foodservice company, we continuously pursue overseas expansion and investment. Utilizing our expertise in store management and brand operation from our domestic business, we currently operate over 320 stores in six countries including Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Laos, and Mongolia.

Under the mission of "We continuously create delightful experiences for our customers," LOTTEGRS pledges to lead in ESG, fulfill our social responsibilities, and become an even more trusted company through the relentless efforts and challenges of all our employees. Thank you.

Cha Woo Chul

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