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롯데리아 매장 사진 롯데리아 매장 사진 롯데리아 매장 사진 롯데리아 매장 사진

Create New Dietary Life Culture and Pursue Customer Satisfaction

LOTTERIA is creating the history of the industry as the leader of fastfood industry in Korea through consistent management innovations, bold investments and development of new products satisfying the taste buds of Korean people. LOTTERIA’s endless efforts for customer satisfaction continues by developing menus that captivate the taste buds of Korean people, setting up trendy stores reflecting the customer preferences and desires and offering diverse burgers as well as coffee and desserts. Now LOTTERIA attempts innovative changes into a new image called Quick Service Resrautant (QSR) by transforming from fastfood stores into cafe stores.

As a restaurant franchise business leading the food related industries in Korea, LOTTERIA has made a great success and is captivating the taste buds of local people all over the world. LOTTERIA, a multi-brand restaurant franchise company representing Korea has begun from the pioneering spirit and challenging initiatives, and is committed to share the enjoyment of tasty foods from our authentic brands loved by people all around the world.

in 1979|
Main Products
Hamburgers |
앤제리너스 매장 사진 앤제리너스 매장 사진 앤제리너스 매장 사진 앤제리너스 매장 사진


An Emotional Brand Conveying Best Quality and Culture

Angel-in-us, using only the finely selected coffee beans as a coffee chain leading the growth of espresso coffee market and coffee culture in Korea, has been consistently growing since launched in 2000. Angel-in-us, striving to offer the best quality and tasting coffee to customers, is committed to provide the highest quality products and services through systematic quality, distribution and store management.

Angel-in-us is an emotional brand conveying the best quality and culture, presenting the momentary freedom and values in a trendy space. We wish to deliver cultural values from coffee in the momentary relaxation during a busy day by drinking a cup of aromatic coffee made by our professional barista.

Brand Name
in 2000|
Main Products
Coffee Chain |
Krispy Kreme
크리스피 매장 사진 크리스피 매장 사진 크리스피 매장 사진 크리스피 매장 사진
크리스피 크림 도넛

Freshly Made Donuts Delivered by ‘Hot Now’ Neon Sign

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, launched in Korea in April 2004 for the first among Asian countries in its Sinchon branch, offers the representative original glazed doughnuts as well as beverages including espresso coffee, satisfying the customer needs. Currently, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is making sweet and freshly made doughnuts at around 100 stores nationwide.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts sells only the donuts made on the day to guarantee freshness and softness. Through original glazed dozen delivering mouthwatering sweetness and happy tastes, you can share pleasant moments with your loved ones.

Brand Name
Krispy Kreme Dougnuts|
in 2004|
Villa de Charlotte
빌라드샬롯 매장 사진 빌라드샬롯 매장 사진 빌라드샬롯 매장 사진 빌라드샬롯 매장 사진

Mediterranian-style healthy restaurant
to convey the true taste and sensibility of the Mediterranean

Villa De Charlotte is a place to convey the true taste and sensibility of Mediterranean food. It serves the freshest ingredients, from ripe olives and tomatoes to rich seafood in the lush green waters.

We invite you to the Villa de Charlotte where you can enjoy "Mediterranean Healthy" menus carefully prepared to reflect the eating style of women in their 20s and 30s who are looking for wellness, health and trendy.

Brand Name
Villa de Charlotte|
in 2014
플레이팅 매장 사진 플레이팅 매장 사진 플레이팅 매장 사진 플레이팅 매장 사진 플레이팅 매장 사진

Design the Taste! Custom Place to Design Your Everyday Pleasure, Ple:eating

I like to plate it with my senses-wise.

Lotte GRS, which knows customers' tastes and trends best, carefully selects a variety of gourmet lifestyles and presents a new and attractive space.
It contains a variety of tastes for customers who want to enjoy proper taste and style even in their busy daily lives.

plate in everyday life.

A meal that energizes office workers during the day, a pleasant weekend meal with their family, an airport that adds excitement to the travel, meals and snacks in history
We've created a wealth of fun to make every day surrounding our customers more valuable and special.

Experience, new plating.

Beyond simply eating and drinking space, we filled it with unique taste experiences to enjoy relaxation and comfort away from daily life, and to add inspiration to life.
From busy weekdays to leisurely weekends, we fill your precious moments of life more deliciously and pleasantly here.

Brand Name
Established in
2014 (2022 brand renewal)
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