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Introduction to GRS UNIVERSITY

In October 1979, starting from the Sogong branch, LOTTE GRS has introduced the first restaurant franchise business in Korea to spread the new food culture and led the development of franchise industry. LOTTERIA HR development center, which has discovered excellent talents through diverse educatio programs and fostered experts in global complex culinary company aiming for the highest customer satisfaction as the highest values of a company, has changed its title in June 2017 to GRS University and commences its new journey!

GRS UNIVERSITY not only leads the educational trends in culinary industry in Korea but also establishes systematic infrasturctures for fostering talents with global competitiveness such as lecture theaters, computer rooms and dormitories and the best pilot shops for each brand to go side by side with field management oriented education.

LOTTE GRS Educational System Frame Work

GRS University offers diverse education programs on ranks, duties and e-learning courses to discover excellent talents and develop necessary competencies in order to foster experts in complex culinary company in the time of global competition.

Hosted by Group

직급간 교육체계 테이블
GRADE Rank Education Duty Education Service Education Onlne / Book Course Core Talent Education Management Issues and Others
Executive Executive Forum All Empoyees Service Education Reading Distance Learning Course e-Learning Course (Duty, Language, Management) Acropolis Video Food EMBA Global School Duty School (HR, Strategy, Finance) Experienced Employee OP Education Internal Lecturer Fostering Course E-BOOK Manual Education Mom Carefree Hamburger Experience(Branch connection) Franchise Manager Education Overseas Manager Education Employment Insurance Return Course Sexual Harrassment Prevention Education Education on Other Issues
S1 Essential Course by Rank Executive
special lecture,
O/P education
SA SV Education SV Candidate Education STF Education Branch Manager Education Branch Submanager Education
JA1 New Employee Refreshment Education
JA2 New Employee Introductory Education Branch Manager Fostering Course

Education System for Sales (Field) Duties

GRS University operates duty education programs targeted for capacity building by roles.

  1. STEP 01 New Employee
    • Introductory education
    • Branch manager fostering course
  2. STEP 02 Submanager
    • Submanager duty education
  3. STEP 03 Manager
    • Manager duty education
  4. STEP 04 SV
    • SV candidate education
    • SV duty education
    • Leadership education
  5. SPTE 05 General Manager and Higher
    • Intensive duty education
    • OP education

Education System for Common Duties

The common duty education offered by GRS University operates education course depending on the issues of the year.

  • Online
    • Online education
      (JA – executive targets)
  • Offline (Group)
    • Group HR development education (Targets vary by education course)
  • Offline (Independent)
    • Corporate culture improvement education (2015-2017)
    • Group education for sales management experts
    • Head office employee OP education
    • Sexual harrassment prevention education
    • Experienced employee OP education

LOTTE GRS Common Education

LOTTE GRS Common Education
Division Course Name Targets Form Duration Remarks
Corporate Culture Improvement Companywide Vision Education Companywide Group Education 1 day
Executive employees Special Lecture Executive Employees Group Education 4H Once a quarter
Frontier Competency Development Course Frontiers Camp Training 1 night 2 days
Manual and OP Learning Experienced Employee
OP Education
Experienced Employees Group Education 5 days Hamburger for 3 days + coffee for 2 days
Head Office OP Education Head Office Employees Group Education 5 days Hamburger for 3 days + coffee for 2 days
Policies and Laws Sexual Harrassment
Prevention Education
Companywide Group Education 1H Once a year
Labor Relations Act
Compliance Education
Direct Franchises Group Education 2H
Overseas Global Store manager course Overseas Managers Group Education 14 days
Fostering Lecturers Internal Lecturer Fostering Course Internal Lecturers Camp Training 2 nights 3 days
Understanding Duties Group Education for
Sales Management Experts
Sales Management Positions Group Education 3 days

Education by Business Division

Education by Business Division
Division Education Title Target Business Division
롯데리어 앤젤인어스 크리스피도넛 빌라드샤롯
New Employee Education Branch Manager Fostering Course New Employees 체크 체크 체크 체크
Refreshment Course New Employees 체크 체크 체크
Duty Education Duty Education SV, branch manager, submanager (Courses vary by rank) 체크 체크 체크 체크
SV Candidate Education SVCandidate 체크 체크
Intensive Duty Education Branch Manager, General Manager, SV 체크
Non-regular Worker Education New Team Member 101 and Others Non-regular workers (e.g. AR) 체크 체크
Franchise Education Branch Manager Fostering Course Franchise owner and manager 체크 체크 체크
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